Emirates Filigran.LLC

‘EMFIL’ Emirates Filigran LLC, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, one of leading manufacturer of prefabricated concrete elements such as Slabs, Double Walls & Stairs located in Ras Al Khaimah, which is well known for its high quality natural mineral resources

EMFIL elements are produced in CAD/CAM controlled precast concrete plants using the most modern hi-tech methods to achieve optimal quality standards. The complete steering and production control processes are done by computers and robots, which eliminates even the minimum chances of error. The computer controlled production in EMFIL factory makes it possible to make elements in any shape as required for modern architecture, that too in the highest quality standards.

Our fleet of vehicles assures a timely delivery to site, where the elements can be offloaded from the delivery trailer and fixed directly, avoiding process delay and Storage places.

Our products comes with a guarantee which states that both the raw materials used as well as the production processes involved are subjected to extensive Quality checks and control.

Using the most modern computerized systems and fully automated production process, we promise accuracy, quality and complete customer satisfaction.